Animal Sanctuary Appeal

By Timur Ladaria & Team


"There are currently around 50,000 stray and feral cats and dogs in Abkhazia today. Due to uncontrolled breeding, this number is constantly increasing throughout the country. Homeless animals are living in terrible conditions, with diseases and starvation severely affecting their short lives. With so many animals facing this harsh reality, we recently made the important decision to set up one of the first animal shelters in the city of Sukhum. Our shelter, named "Hope," is still in the very early stages, so essential construction and repair work is needed in order to build a safe shelter for our animals, so we can begin to transform their lives.


The aims of our shelter - to provide a safe house for stray animals who are in need of urgent medical treatment, a place where they can peacefully recover from any treatment given, and a place where they begin the adoption process. Once each animal has received the appropriate medical attention, they will then be put up for adoption with safe and responsible owners. Animals that do not require veterinary attention, which can still safely reside in public places, will be vaccinated and spayed to avoid further uncontrolled breeding and life threatening diseases, before being released.


What your donation will help to provide:

- Building materials to expand our shelter on our donated land, and provide much needed repairs to our available buildings.

- Blankets, beds and food for the animals in care.

- Urgent medical treatments, spaying and vaccinating.

- Rehabilitation to allow our animals to be safely adopted..


Our shelter is independent from the government, and our team of 8 volunteer their time and work, so we rely heavily on donations. Shelter “Hope” wishes to send out a strong message to all - our society is built on love, faith and hope for all beings in Abkhazia. Together we can ensure the future of our shelter and give hope to the thousands of animals who are struggling to survive against all the odds. Every penny donated will have a positive effect on an animal`s life, every penny donated will help those who cannot survive without us."

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For queries related to "Hope" shelter, contact the coordinators via the email addresses below.


Registered Charity Number: 115РА000246

69A Adigeyskaya Street

Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia


Timur Ladaria:

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