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This page is dedicated to frequently asked questions concerning Abkhazia information. If you have a question which is not listed here, please visit our contact page and submit your question in the form.


Will I Need a Visa?


Yes. Most nationalities need a visa to enter Abkhazia, along with a Russian multiple entry visa when entering Abkhazia via Russia. For more information on visas and how to apply, click here.


Do People Speak English in Abkhazia?


English speakers are few and far between. Most locals speak Abkhazian and Russian. There are, however, a few tour companies who operate tours in English. For more information on English speaking tours, visit out tours page, coming soon!


Is Abkhazia Safe?


Abkhazia is no stranger to tourism and tourists, with thousands of Russians visiting the country every Summer. This has prompted the major tour companies and hotels to ensure a safe standard of travelling and provide safe excursions within Abkhazia. However, it is always important to fully research any of the world's travel destinations before going. For the majority of foreigners, there are no consular services available in Abkhazia. Always take note of the travel information advised by your government. Under Georgian Law it is a crime to enter Georgia through the Russian-Abkhazian border, so when travelling through Abkhazia via Russia, it is important that you leave through the same border. 

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