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English Speaking Tours Available
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Discover Abkhazia has been operating tours within Abkhazia since 2018. Our local Abkhazian guides speak fluent English, and are excited to show you the history, culture, language and people of Abkhazia. Custom tours are perfect for individuals or small groups, who have limited time in Abkhazia but have a wish list of things to see and do. Request a tour using the form at the bottom of the page.

Tours List 

Abandoned places: Ghost town Akarmara in Tkvarchal, mansions of Old Gagra, historical buildings in Sukhum

Off-road tours: Auadkhara, Achandara (horse-riding, caving, waterfalls)

Towns and citiesSukhum, Gagra and Pitsunda

Popular placesLake Ritsa including Stalin's Dacha, New Athos

Hidden gemsKamany, Shakuran Waterfall, Mokva & Bedia, Kindig & Ilor

What's Included?

Tours include all travel to and from the location, local sim card including data / WiFi, food and refreshments and an English speaking guide.

Perhaps our most popular option, we can make tours that cater to your individual wishes. Choose locations across the country or specific activities and we will send you a tailored plan. You will not pay extra for choosing a custom plan! Please use the contact form below to discuss your custom itinerary with one of our guides.

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Read reviews from previous tourists on Trip Advisor here. 

How we are different

Our guides each have regular jobs outside of Discover Abkhazia, and provide tours because they want to show you this fascinating country, not because of a financial need. We only charge a basic rate for our tours and are happy to take you wherever you wish to go - even if your plans change while in Abkhazia. We are the only international tour company with guides located in Abkhazia year-round - you will not be paying for our guide's plane ticket to give you a tour. We offer bespoke, custom tour plans instead of just a 7-day fixed regime with no flexibilty.


Please be aware that some international tour companies use Discover Abkhazia's guides and itinerary while charging you a higher, separate price to our own fees. We always advise to check with your chosen tour agency who your guides are prior to departure, and do speak to us if you have any queries - we are always here to help.

Meet the Team


Shamil Kaitan, 29 years old. Excursions guide, driver. Fluent English speaker. Education: Specialist of Cross-cultural Communications (Abkhazian State University). Current workplace:  International 

Committee of the Red Cross


Ayten Avidzba, 29 years old. Excursion guide, administrator.

Fluent English speaker.

Education: BA Linguistics (Abkhazian State University).

Current workplace: United Nations Development Programme

Sophie Royle, 27 years old, British citizen. Creator and director of Discover Abkhazia. Education: International Politics BA, and Journalism MA (United Kingdom). Current workplace: Journalist 

I have been travelling to Abkhazia for numerous years, with a particular interest in mountain hiking, language and national food. I manage Discover Abkhazia's tours, and I am more than happy to recommend you some special places in Abkhazia to visit!

Some of our tourists and tours!

Request a Booking

Please fill out this form to request a booking, we will be happy to discuss tours with you and create your itinerary. After discussing tours, we will send you a short information form to complete, where we will then require a 20 EUR deposit for your reservation, to be paid securely via PayPal or international bank transfer. Only one sum of 20 EUR is required regardless of the number of guests in your group. We require this additional 20 EUR deposit when booking a tour, to ensure that our tour guides can be available. With the high demand of our tours, this deposit will also guarantee your tour. This deposit will be taken off the total price of your tour and is non-refundable, however the deposit will be refunded in circumstances beyond your control: the sudden, unexpected closure of your entry/exit border or changes to the internal situation in Abkhazia. Your safety, well-being and happiness is paramount, and we will only run our tours if it is safe to do so. Please get in touch with us using the form below, and start planning your trip to Abkhazia!

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