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Medieval Abkhazia

"The cultural heritage of the Abkhaz people has always attracted the attention of scientists around the world. Architectural monuments of the Middle Ages, which are found throughout Abkhazia, include settlement mounds, bridges, churches and, of course, fortifications and castles, which are all of great interest to researchers.

Before the formation of the Abkhazian kingdom, the most typical fortifications were ancestral fortresses, which functioned as political and strategic centers for the tribes.

Among the fortifications of the Middle Ages, the distinguishable fortress of Anakopia had great national importance, along with the Hashupsa Fortress, Tsebelda fortress and, of course, shrouded in mystery is the Great Wall of Abkhazia. They protected the mountain passes leading into Abkhazia, and the guarded the paths along the coast.

Palaces and stone houses were typical for the Abkhazian feudal period of the Middle Ages, and they were developed when an enhanced division of Abkhazia fuedal estates arose. At this time, the dominant type of architecture were the feudal castles sitting in high places, such as the castle of Bagrat near Sukhum or the Hasanta-Abaa castle, situated near a gorge overlooking the river Bzyb."

Translation of Sputnik Abkhazia's article, read orginial here:

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