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Abkhazia is an incredible country with a striking landscape and ancient culture, so it is no surprise that Abkhazia has produced some of the most talented and unique writers of the Soviet Union. Many books and poems are often inspired by the magnificent surroundings of the Caucasus, and describe life in Abkhazia in distinctive detail. We have brought together several of the best Abkhazian authors, and their translated stories in English. Download the PDF documents to read the full stories.

Fazil Iskander

Born in Sukhum on 6 March 1929, Fazil Iskander is one of the most talented Abkhazian writers. Awarded with several honors, including the USSR State Prize (1989), 1st Class Order of Honour and Glory of Abkhazia (2002), and in 2009 the Bank of Abkhazia issued a silver coin in Iskander's honor (10 Apsara), along with other outstanding personalities of Abkhazia. His most famous writings are "Zashita Chika," "Constellation of Capritaurus," and "Sandro of Chegem." Iskander currently lives in Moscow, where he publishes for the newspaper "Kultura."

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Bagrat Shinkuba

Born in Ochamchira on 12 May 1917, Bagrat Shinkuba was involved in Abkhazia's history with both writing and politics. In 1947 Shinkuba reportedly sent a letter to the Kremlin, requesting from Stalin the separation of Abkhazia from Georgia. His most famous novel is "The Last of the Departed," which is dedicated to the tragic outcome of Abkhazia's relatives, the Ubykh people, who became extinct. Shinkuba died in 2004.

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Astamur Kvitsinia

The first Abkhazian comic to be published, created and illustrated by talented artist Astamur Kvitsinia. Follow the adventures of the Abkhazian hero named "Abraskil," and download this free sample of Kvitsinia's work in the Abkhazian language.

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Nart Sagas

The Nart Sagas are based on the Atzan midgets and the giant Narts. The Atzans were so small that they could walk on the stems of leaves! The Narts were one hundred giant sons of the same mother, "Sataney-Guasha." They were all warriors who fought, hunted, feasted, and engaged in military games. The Nart Sagas are shared by ethnicities throughout the North Caucasus and translated into several Caucasian and Circassian languages.

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