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There are no international flights operating within Abkhazia. The quickest and safest way to get to Abkhazia is to fly to Sochi International Airport. Flights to and from Sochi can be found using the online flight comparison website Taxi and train services run from Sochi Airport to the border of Abkhazia and continue through into the country. From the airport to the border, it should take around 20 minutes, depending on traffic. For more information on the transport schedules in Sochi to Abkhazia, visit



Transport in Abkhazia



Within Abkhazia buses and minibuses run between every city. Abkhazia also has several private taxi companies operating throughout the country. Taxi is a great way to get around in Abkhazia, it is comfortable and your driver will be very happy to show you the best destinations. Taxi rides are relatively cheap, with the average city trip costing 100-150 rubles.Buses and minibuses are found at the city stations, and are a lot cheaper than taxi rides. You will also find buses at both borders which head towards the major towns and cities. Buses mostly follow a schedule, however minibuses often don't leave until each seat is filled.The train network in Abkhazia runs along the coastline from Sochi International Airport to the South Abkhazia border. The train makes a routine stop at the North border for passport control.

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